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Spyder page in footprints
« on: December 05, 2015, 10:45:06 AM »
I just got a ted pro home setup with one mtu and two spyders. 
The problem I have is that on the Spyders tab in footprints I often see erroneous data.
namely I will see several circuits showing reasonable values, but some that I know are on are showing zero.
However if I go to the dashboard I'll see those circuits at times as the largest active loads (which they are);
Also if I goto graphing I can see the these circuits are drawing power.

Here is a specific example:
Spyders page shows brkr26 @0.000 KW, brkr28 @ 0.192, brkr29 @0.000
graphing shows:       brkr26 @0.192 KW, brkr28 @ 0.000, brkr29 @0.610

So what I see is the graphing looks correct, the dashboard looks correct, but the spyders tab has bad data for some breakers most of the time...
I have an open support ticket, and support has given me firmware updates but the problem persists.
Any ideas or do others have these issues?