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TED Pro Support / Re: TED Pro kWh Readings About Half Reported by Utility
« Last post by Support7 on July 16, 2018, 10:00:43 AM »
There could be several things causing this so we would need to do some troubleshooting to narrow it down and our ticket system would be the best way to do that so we can get some specific information from you.

For troubleshooting or if you run into any questions please let us know by going to and fill in the requested information to submit a support ticket so we can work to resolve any issues that may arise ASAP and make sure we provide the right firmware for any updates requested or required.
TED Pro Support / TED Pro kWh Readings About Half Reported by Utility
« Last post by Cblhygi on July 15, 2018, 02:13:37 PM »
I recently installed a TED Pro system on 240V split single-phase 3-wire electrical system at my home.
2 CT's (plugged into the correct MTU A and B ports)
1 TED Footprints
0 Spyders

No problem with installation.
All ECC lights are as they should be.
Skipped to Received Packet ratio is 11.5% (It has been as low as 1.7%.)

I noted that TED-reported kWh seemed lower than anticipated.
I compared TED-reported kWh by hour with those logged by my utility.
Hour to hour comparison ranged from 33% to 58% lower than my utility report.
Hour to hour comparison average was 45% lower than my utility report.
I have noted that when I turn on some 120V devices, TED does not register a change.
I have noted that when I turn on 240V devices, TED reports about half of the device's rated wattage.

I suspect that one of my CT's is defective.
I have a DMM.
How do I test a CT to determine if it is good or defective?


TED Pro Support / Re: Web Page not loading ?
« Last post by Support7 on July 13, 2018, 09:37:51 AM »
Unfortunately repeated power outages or brown outs have been observed to cause strange issues like this and normally (if not dealing with PLC) a UPS(Uninterruptible power supply or battery backup) would be the best way to adjust for this but with PLC communication the UPS typically creates so much noise interference that it will block the communication from the MTU to the ECC preventing you from getting your energy readings at all so we don't recommend using any UPS for that reason.

However if you are using TED Commander with your ECC then you can set up alerts to notify you if it stops recording energy data through the Advisor feature.
TED Pro Support / Re: Web Page not loading ?
« Last post by breaker man on July 12, 2018, 09:54:34 PM »
I recently had a problem with my web page not loading as a result of loss of power from power company.   My system has been running for about two years and had not had this problem before.   What happen recently was the power went off for several minutes however it done this about three times in a row which had not happen since I installed the system.   I am assuming because it when off several times in a row is why my web page would not load.   I used Fing to find the new web address however I still could not access the system.   Finally I had to do a factory reset to defaults on the ECC.   After doing this I was able to access the web page however I lost all my information from the current month.   I am concerned this might happen again so I was thinking of using a backup power supply for the ECC.   Any suggestions on what type of back up power supply should be used with ECC that comes with TED Home Pro
Developer Support / IP FTP Scan
« Last post by BruceMP on July 06, 2018, 12:59:10 AM »
Ill take a look.  In the mean time, does it work using the standard FTP command line tool?
TED5000 Support / Re: Can't Open TED 5000 Dashboard
« Last post by pfletch101 on July 04, 2018, 10:26:10 AM »
Vanhook2 - Thank you very much for your suggestion.  It worked.

Most probably, you have not set up your router to assign a specified IP address to the TED Gateway. If you don't do this its IP address will occasionally change, causing the problems you describe. Most routers have an option to specify the IP addresses to be assigned to devices according to their individual MAC addresses (which are fixed and unique). You should use this for any device which, like the TED Gateway, needs to be easily located by software and/or a browser. You should not, in general, use the peripheral device's setup option to specify its own IP address (if it has this option) rather than defaulting to DHCP, since this can lead to all sorts of problems.
TED Pro Support / Re: Security Concern Connecting ECC to Router
« Last post by Cblhygi on July 01, 2018, 12:47:44 PM »
Thanks for your prompt, thorough and convincing reply to my question.
I will place my TED order shortly.
TED Pro Support / Re: Security Concern Connecting ECC to Router
« Last post by pfletch101 on June 30, 2018, 09:55:31 AM »
I am concerned that connecting the TED Pro Home ECC to my router will allow unauthorized parties from outside my house to access my home computing network.

What security measures are included with the TED Pro Home Energy Monitor to prevent unauthorized parties outside my house from accessing the home computing network via the PLC connection to the router?  What prevents someone outside my house from spoofing the MTU to gain access to my router?

Sadly, you should probably be spending your time worrying about the security of your router itself, rather than about the probably non-existent risk of someone using the TED ECC as an attack point on your network. Many low- to mid-grade routers sold for the home and small office environment have (again!) recently been shown to have serious security holes, and even professional-level ones are intermittently found to have issues.
TED Pro Support / Re: Security Concern Connecting ECC to Router
« Last post by Support7 on June 29, 2018, 01:06:01 PM »
Also, we have had corporate pen testers put the TED system to task before implementing it in their environments and they basically said the same as I did above. Anything is possible but it would be pointless as effort substantially outweighs benefit. 
TED Pro Support / Re: Security Concern Connecting ECC to Router
« Last post by Support7 on June 29, 2018, 12:56:20 PM »
While I enjoy entertaining these type's of possibilities as the beauty in technology makes all things possible with enough time and determination, with current technology there is no reason to be concerned about this for several reasons;
1st: There is no terminal access or OS on the ECC or MTU so the only way to change it's defined operational parameters would be to rewrite the embedded proprietary firmware and figure out how to flash it which would require physical access and a specific programming tool.

2nd: The ECC requests specific information from the MTU in very small increments, thus manipulating the PLC signal would be completely pointless as you could not transmit enough information to effectively change or do anything and the MTU is not capable of transmitting any settings adjustment information nor gaining any type of root shell access as there is none available. These are not smart home devices; There is no auto update capability, they don't pair with other devices, and they don't use the internet for functionality. They perform a very specific task at very specific intervals and the hardware is limited to it's current capabilities as any firmware change or rewrite would exceed the available resources so it would not function as intended if anything was changed.
(You can choose to post to an online cloud to view your data remotely but this doesn't give reverse access to the ECC as the information goes one way and does not provide access to your local Footprints page unless you port forward.)

3rd: Your router is the access point to your home network, the TED ECC is not and does not provide any wireless access on it's own so there is no way to use it as a stand alone access point or means to access your router as it simply doesn't work that way. You would have to gain access to your router or physical access to the ECC first before you could even begin to consider changing anything and the TED system has no command structure to issue any instructions to anything outside of the TED system itself. And as I mentioned before due to limited hardware resources, if anything was changed the system simply would not work.

As I said before, technology can make anything possible and there is no way I could know for sure what can or can't be done now but logistically, the amount of effort it would take to attempt this would be a complete waste of time as the only information your TED system gives up is how much energy you use. It does not allow any control of the energy you use or anything in your home so if it is possible to do, there is simply no reason to do it for any type of gain that makes sense to me.
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