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 on: Today at 08:16:16 AM 
Started by Cliffman - Last post by Support7
Hi rs5653689,

If you suspect a calibration issue then you can use a known load to verify this. By known load I am referring to something like a hairdryer or space heater that uses at least 1000w and has a label on it that states the output wattage. Hairdryers are usually the easiest to use as they typically use 1500w and the output is printed right on the side of it. Plug in the known load and watch the real time gauge on the Footprints Dashboard and turn on the known load. It will reflect the difference so you can determine the difference if there is one in calibration. More often then not when the readings are off it is an installation issue so you will need to submit a support ticket via the link below so we can take it step by step to try and resolve it.

For troubleshooting or if you run into any questions please let us know by going to and fill in the requested information to submit a support ticket so we can work to resolve any issues that may arise ASAP and make sure we provide the right firmware for any updates requested or required.
Have a wonderful day!

TED Support

 on: October 19, 2017, 01:28:51 PM 
Started by Cliffman - Last post by rs5653689
Hi Support.
Current calculation is very low nearest 3-4 time less. Usually we spend 3000-4000 kWt per month. But TED decide only 1000-1200 kWt per month(statistic 5 month).
I did some test:
I used
Data before 1,008 kW
Data after  1,896 kW
This water heater spend 2,0-2,4 kW

And I solve TED show me 3 time less energy.
May be problem with calibration?

 on: October 15, 2017, 04:37:32 PM 
Started by R1pilot - Last post by pfletch101
You're welcome! There are a number of reasons for monitoring the main feed:
1) Historically, that's the way (and much of the reason) the original versions of TED were developed, at a time when few or no utilities offered convenient ways for the customer to keep track of his/her power usage other than by manually reading the meter. Prior to the TED Pro, too, there were few effective ways of monitoring longer term usage at the breaker level, so you had to look at overall usage and try to break out major loads by turning them on and off and/or looking for patterns.
2) While an increasing number of utilities are offering consumers finer-grained ways of tracking their usage, I think most still only do this (for most customers) at the monthly bill level. Smart meters too, which allow much more fine-grained local monitoring, are only starting to roll out in many areas. As someone generating solar power on a feed-in tariff basis, you are a special case, and you may well be benefiting from web technology whose primary purpose is to support that - I don't think that what you may be seeing is available to the majority.
3) An increasing number of utilities are rolling out more complex demand- and/or time-of-use-based billing systems. These can be very good for the energy-conscious consumer, but, to make the best use of them, one needs real-time usage data so that one can use power (or not!) when it is beneficial to do so.
4) Utilities make mistakes! I am currently fighting my utility about a small but significant overcharge going back some years resulting from a systematic calculation error that I would not have picked up if I didn't have (and look at) my own detailed records.

 on: October 15, 2017, 09:20:00 AM 
Started by R1pilot - Last post by EVFan
Thanks for your advice! Very much appreciated. As I pondered what I'd like to do the Spyder sounds like a better idea. I would like to know the draw of each EVSE also clothes dryer, the kitchen the garage and some other circuits. Just one last question. Why monitor the main? My utility has a website that allows me to look at what I'm consuming. It is not realtime but then again I'm more interested in history than any point in time. Am I missing something or do most people that buy TED systems not have a utility supplied website?

 on: October 14, 2017, 07:53:18 PM 
Started by R1pilot - Last post by pfletch101
If you literally only want to monitor your EV charging loads and don't care about what the rest of your house is doing, then you could probably get away with a Ted Pro setup with a single MTU and a regular pair of CTs. You would have to assume that the EVSEs draw the same current from both 'sides' of their 240V feeds (almost certainly true within the margin of error of the device) and put one CT on one side of each. Once they were correctly oriented, the indicated power would be half the total drawn by the two EVs together. You would not be able to distinguish between the two of them - you would know that power was being drawn, but not by which one or (if both were running) how much by each.

My recommended way of just monitoring the two EVSEs - again, if that is literally all you want to do - would be to get two MTU/CT sets, put the respective CT pairs on both sides of the two EVSE breakers, and call them both 'Load'. The power flux would read correctly, and you would be able to distinguish between the two.

My real recommendation would be to bite the bullet - if necessary with the help of an electrician - and install a single MTU/CT set to monitor your Utility Mains and a Spyder to monitor not only your EVSE circuits but also half a dozen other loads of your choice.

The way you have your PV system set up will not cause problems - TED will just ignore it.

 on: October 14, 2017, 04:13:44 PM 
Started by R1pilot - Last post by EVFan
This is Great!! Sorry to hammer at this but if I'm understanding this in order to monitor (2) 240V 40AMP circuits (2 circuits for 2 EVSE to charge cars) I would only need 1 TED Home Pro as I could put 1 CT on one circuit and the other CT on the second circuit. Is that correct? Then in the software just double the numbers? Would I need 2 MTUs? All the examples put CT's on the main power source and quite frankly every time I open up the panel and do something with the mains I need many drinks afterwards!! Sounds like I don't need to touch that. While I'm at it I have solar panels but they aren't connected to the house. They send all power to the grid thru a separate meter. I'm assuming that has no affect on the PLC communication?   

 on: October 12, 2017, 01:06:35 PM 
Started by jrb2017 - Last post by davew
FYI, I have a TED Pro with Spyder.  Breaking out loads can help you understand usage for a few reasons.  Forget about lights.  Think bigger items like a central AC unit, electric water heater, range, etc.  The bigger usage items are the ones you might want to adjust your habits if you know their usage better.

I have time-of-day metering with my utility.  It's been invaluable to know how my big loads affect my bill and the Footprints software does a good job of showing this. 

For those using a portion of your home for a business, you can meter those loads and deduct or charge back those amounts to your business.

After working through a few quirks, I've been very happy with the system.  I found TED support to be very helpful and accommodating.

 on: October 06, 2017, 08:07:55 AM 
Started by Support7 - Last post by Support7
Thank you for your suggestion. We have considered putting a "Forgot Password" option in the app but so far have chosen to have you go to the web portal at from your browser in order to reset your password. I will pass along the suggestion so we can work to make the app as convenient as the web portal.

I actually just spoke with our engineer and he said that this is on the list of features to add but due to iOS's App stores lengthy approval process we are trying to build up a few features to add or modify before we submit it for approval.

Have a wonderful day!

TED Support

 on: October 05, 2017, 06:58:58 PM 
Started by Support7 - Last post by lundwall_paul
The App has no forgiveness for "forgot password" I haven't used it in months just because I cannot get in.

 on: October 02, 2017, 11:23:26 AM 
Started by Cliffman - Last post by Cliffman
And another issue is Commander's Adviser. It dosen't allow for days of the week option for when to be notified. My off peak time includeds Saturday and Sunday. This Sunday I received 158 very annoying notices that I'm over my demand setting.  Shocked Sad

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