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Title: HELP with new MTU!
Post by: Insaneoctane on April 27, 2018, 04:04:14 PM
I just added a 3rd MTU to monitor my EVSE.  Upon installation, the green LED doesn't blink, so I thought I might have wired it poorly, but upon checking all connections several times, it never would blink.  I thought maybe I had to register it first with the gateway?  So, I added a 3rd MTU and gave it the 6 digit serial number.  I wasn't sure how to monitor it, I chose STANDALONE.  Anyway, it shows up under stats, but still isn't blinking.  What would cause that?  Unfortunately, I don't have my EV to test the EVSE out yet, so I can't really load the MTU much to see if I can see it working properly.  I can turn on the breaker OFF->ON and look for some loading, but it's not showing anything.  Here's my stats:

Code: [Select]
Gateway-G Placeholder Page
                MTU 1 MTU 2 MTU 3 MTU 4
Power:         584 -4598 2 0
Voltage: 1191 1194 1198 0
kVA:         4066 4656 16 0
MTU Rec: 1699 1688 1777 0
MTU Skp: 16 7 23 0
Min Count: 92 94 81 0
LP SAMPLE: -4086 -4686 2 0
Pack Id: 76 55 252 0
Man Cal: 100/100 100/100 100/100 100/100
Last Timestamp: 1524837060 1524837060 1524837060 0
Last Value: 53234056758 -300477656100 10498 0
MTU Id: 1097BF 1066CC 105AC0 000000

Anyway to verify things are working from this?  I'd like it working BEFORE I get my car

Any help appreciated.
Title: Re: HELP with new MTU!
Post by: Insaneoctane on April 27, 2018, 05:32:55 PM
By the way, here's how I've configured my MTUs.  I have solar

MTU1: Adjusted Load.  This is on the inputs to my box
MTU2: Generation.  This is on my Solar output/box input
MTU3: Stand alone.  This is on a single breaker within the system that I want to monitor.  For EVSE.
Title: Re: HELP with new MTU!
Post by: pfletch101 on April 27, 2018, 10:41:36 PM
You will need to raise a ticket on the main site, but they will probably not now pick it up until Monday. The stats look OK {Edit}, except for the all-zero ID){/Edit}, but the light certainly should be flashing.