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Title: Help - Adding Wireless Display to TED Pro?
Post by: DB on June 24, 2014, 04:29:53 AM
A couple of weeks ago I installed my new TED Pro Home (ECC & MTU). After a firmware upgrade to solve a few issues, it's been working very nicely.

Today my Wireless Display & Zigbee arrived.  I've plugged the Zigbee into the ECC, and updated the ECC config using FootPrints, but nothing is being sent to the display.

How does one even know which slot on the ECC is USNAP Port 1 vs USNAP Port 2? There are no labels, and nothing in the documentation?.  Of course, I've tried both ports with no success, but eliminating that as an issue would be useful.

Should I expect to see any status lights on the ECC? or Wireless?

Any tips or suggestions? 


Title: Re: Help - Adding Wireless Display to TED Pro?
Post by: pfletch101 on June 24, 2014, 05:40:49 AM
I thought there was somewhere in the instructions where they showed/said which port was which, since I did find it when I configured Footprints on my system, but I certainly can't find it now, and there certainly seems to be no good reason why they couldn't have labeled them! As I have mentioned elsewhere, there also seems to be no good reason why Footprints couldn't simply recognize into which slot the Zigbee card is plugged in, when you only have one. In any event, Port 1 is the one on the right side when you are looking at the ECC from the front.

Now that you know which port is which, give the remote display more time to show anything. I am using the remote display that I used with my TED5000 system. In that setup, it took no more than a minute after being powered up, at the most, to show sensible values, and its readings were subsequently usually updated every few seconds. Used with my TED Pro system and a Zigbee card (nothing else, including the locations of the gateway/ECC and display, has changed), it can take a number of minutes after power up to show anything except zeroes, and its readings seem only to be updated at intervals of up to 10 minutes.
Title: Re: Help - Adding Wireless Display to TED Pro?
Post by: DB on June 24, 2014, 06:19:46 AM
Hi Peter

Thanks for the insights.

Since my initial post, I found the USNAP ports documented in an Appendix of the ECC User Manual and as you said, it confirms:
"USNAP 1 on the side of the AC power cord and USNAP 2 on the side of the Ethernet connection"

I made sure the configuration was correct within FootPrints, powered down the ECC, and powered it on a few minutes later. The FootPrints dashboard is working fine, but 10 minutes later nothing has been sent to the wireless display (which is currently positioned 2 inches away from the ECC).

Regarding the frequency of the updates to the display, I'll be extremely disappointed if it is as seldom as you are experiencing. The primary purpose I had in mind was to use the 'Real-Time Use' screen, and wander round the house switching items on and off observing the impact on power use. A 10 minute update cycle would render this display completely useless to me.

TED Support, please can you confirm what update frequency we should expect (assuming I manage to get a connection at all)?

Many thanks
Title: Re: Help - Adding Wireless Display to TED Pro?
Post by: Support7 on June 24, 2014, 05:00:17 PM
Hello Dwayne,

Initial sync can take a while as Pfletch has said, and updates during this time should be about every 30s to 60s. After sync and within range and no major signal blockages, I would expect an update every 5-20 seconds. Personally, I just put my ECC on my network and use my iPhone to pull up the Footprints when I'm tracking down usage in my home. It's real time, gives me all the data Footprints does (because it is Footprints) and I don't have to worry about putting it back into a charger. There's a new iPhone app I haven't tried yet, but will soon; Ted-O-Meter. That could also be a solution for you.

Best Regards,

TED Forum Support
Title: Re: Help - Adding Wireless Display to TED Pro?
Post by: pfletch101 on June 24, 2014, 05:07:59 PM
If you still haven't got anything on the display after 10 minutes with the display connected to its power supply and everything set correctly, you need to submit a ticket. My experience of update frequency is as I have stated, and this was unaffected by temporarily putting the display a couple of feet away from the ECC.