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Data error every 15 minutes

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A problem has developed with my TED Pro that I've never had before.  Started yesterday at about 6PM.  Every 15 minutes, like clockwork, both volts and power readings drop to zero.  This lasts for between 30 seconds and 4 minutes each time.

I tried turning off everything in my house that is electronic to eliminate interference sources.  That didn't help.
I tried power cycling both the MTU and ECC.  That didn't help.

Attached a screenshot of my stats page.  SKP ratio looks okay since the reset.

Any ideas?


This will probably take more troubleshooting based on location specific information so it would be best to resolve this through our ticket system so please fill out a support ticket via the link below.

Well, it's working correctly again.  It hasn't glitched for almost two days now.  So I think I'll hold off on the ticket.

In the mean time, I have a question about some of those times on the stats page.
What is Min Count in the upper table?
What is Uptime in the upper table?
What is Uptime at the bottom of the stats page?

The two Uptimes can be very different, and MinCount doesn't match either of them but is more similar to the Uptime at the bottom of the page.

Glad to hear its working correctly.
The Min Count is a representation of successful Minute Packets received from the MTU since the ECC has been powered up.
Uptime in the Upper table is how long in seconds that the MTU has been powered up. Power cycling the MTU resets this number.
Uptime at the bottom of the page is how long the ECC has been powered up. A restart or power cycle of the ECC resets this number.

This 'every 15 minute data error' problem cropped up again.  I also see that coincident with this, there are also problems with Ted Commander.  That was happening the last time too.  So now I'm wondering if somehow Ted Commander is causing my local problems.

So I disconnected my connection with Ted Commander to see if my local problems clear up.


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