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TED Commander Advisor "Not Posting Alert"

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Anybody else getting "Not Posting Alert" warnings from TED Commander Advisor?

Local live view looks fine, and I see the TCP/80 network traffic from my Ted Pro Home to "", and also the statistics (stats.htm) shows an incrementing count of successful uploads (result code 200).

ECC Version 1.0.676
Footprints Version 1.0.675

Where should I look next to resolve this?

Yes,  I have been getting them the last few days.   I was just going to post something but glad someone else was having the same issues.  I assume they are having server issues . Hopefully one of the mods will post  whats going on.

I don't have anything set up in Advisor, but there certainly are a lot of gaps in the saved data over the last couple days.

I just went the first full day with no successful uploads to commander .
Glad I still have the ability to to look at the data locally. The main reason I went with TED over Sense

I sent an email to Tech support , hopefully they didn't leave for holiday yet..

We moved to a different database server for Commander and the migration has taken longer then it should but the SW engineer is working on finishing it up and the back filling of data will take a little time to complete so we don't have a set time for it to continue posting again yet but it should be within the next day or so.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and as soon as we have more info, I will let you guys know.


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