Author Topic: Upgrade to a TED Pro Home at a Discounted Rate Today and Stop Missing Out!!!  (Read 4366 times)


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Don't let technology pass you by and cause you to miss out on added features!

New Features with the TED Pro Home:

-More powerful PLC modem to improve communication.
-Optional Spyder accessory to allow you to monitor individual circuits.
-Monitor up to 36 Individual Circuits!
-Remote/Cloud monitoring from anywhere with internet access with the use of our online interface called TED Commander.
-TED Commander provides even more ways to graph and view your energy data.

Easy Upgrade Installation! All cables from your TED5000 Stay in place! Plug & Play the new hardware and your good to go!

Easy integration with Amazon's Alexa for voice access to energy data.

TED Pro Home Upgrade for TED5000 Users: