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Hey guys!

We're always looking for your feedback on TED Commander and how we can make it easier and more user friendly so if you have any suggestions you can reply to this post.

In case you haven't heard about TED Commander yet:

TED Commander is a cloud-based portal with a unique, calendar view that allows you to access your energy data from anywhere with internet access.

TED Commander enables enterprise-wide data collection, remote monitoring, graphing, trending, and data export. You have the ability to view multiple buildings, facilities, and electrical systems on one portal. Whether you are a solar integrator who wants to keep an eye on multiple solar installations, or a franchise owner with several hundred locations, TED Commander will allow you to view and store energy data from them all.

Calendar-view presents a visual of days and weeks. Click on a day to see detailed energy-use for that day. Extraordinary graphing and comparison features.

Commander Info:

You can access TED Commander from the web at or through the iOS and Android mobile apps available in the App stores.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on the User Interface to make it more easy to use and intuitive by replying to this post.

We're mainly looking at the website now and adding, adjusting "Locations" and "Energy Plans" settings and trying to simplify those processes but all productive suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

TED Support

The App has no forgiveness for "forgot password" I haven't used it in months just because I cannot get in.

Thank you for your suggestion. We have considered putting a "Forgot Password" option in the app but so far have chosen to have you go to the web portal at from your browser in order to reset your password. I will pass along the suggestion so we can work to make the app as convenient as the web portal.

I actually just spoke with our engineer and he said that this is on the list of features to add but due to iOS's App stores lengthy approval process we are trying to build up a few features to add or modify before we submit it for approval.

Have a wonderful day!

TED Support

I've found that when setting your password it accepts any value, but then doesn't let you login if your password is too complex. For example, I entered a password that was 20 characters, with a mix of numbers, digits and special characters, and despite setting it minutes earlier was told it was wrong.

I like looking at line plots of watts using the highest resolution available.  The lower plot below is a plot of "minute" data from today in Ted Commander.  If I download the data from Ted Commander and plot in Excel, I get the upper plot.  The lower plot is similar to the Excel plot, but it's not really minute data.  Can that be improved?


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