Author Topic: Pro Home MTU/Spyder configuration recommendation  (Read 2088 times)


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Pro Home MTU/Spyder configuration recommendation
« on: April 14, 2015, 04:50:16 AM »

I've been using a Ted 5000 system for several years now and I've decided to upgrade to the Home Pro so I'm not limited to 4 MTUs/readings.  Here's my situation:

1. my main breaker box (standard residential with 30 circuits)
2. a 2nd separate/smaller breaker box in the detached garage
3. a solar generating system that wires directly into a single 20A breaker in my main breaker box

Right now I'm using my 5000 with 3 MTUs to get a decent overall system readout (1. and 2. set as loads and 3. set as generating).

What setup would be the most efficient for me to do this with the Home Pro components, but adding the capability to individually measure say 4-5 specific circuits/appliances in the main breaker box?

Would I need 3 Home Pro MTUs (set of CTs around breaker box mains, set of CTs around detached garage mains, set of CTs around solar generating leads/inputs) and then a Spyder to measure those individual circuits in the main breaker box?  Or ???

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Re: Pro Home MTU/Spyder configuration recommendation
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 09:56:37 AM »
Depends, if the detached garage box is fed from the main breaker box then you would only need 2 MTU's one for the main box and one for the solar.  You could then add a spyder for the garage box or any 8 single circuits (in the main panel) or 4 220v circuits or any mix in between.  If the detached garage is on its own meter then you would need 3 MTU's one for each box and one for the solar.