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Help! I had to replace my circuit breaker and CT won't fit over 'power bar'

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I had my new TED Pro Home running just great for past few weeks.  However, my main Breaker Panel had to be replaced and we did that today.  The power in from utility is NOT a round cable anymore.  It is a 'bar' approximately 3/4 inch wide and maybe 1/8 inch thick.

My 200A core CT will not fit around this bar.  What options to I have? :'(

I had this problem -- the bracket for my main power panel needed a CT with .75 inch opening, but thin enough to fit into it.
Here's what I found (and did)...

There's a  750 CT that fits the service panel bracket perfectly. It's from Aim Dynamics. 303-772-9100 (ask for Joe or Victor @ 141 or 140)
Magnelab has stuff that will work, too, but I'm just a small fry. I'm sure they'd be happy to sell me box loads (but I just need two).


We also have 400A CT's that are available in standard (1 in. inside diameter) and large (1.25 in. inside diameter) that can be used when the 200A (0.06 in.) will not fit.

Standard 400A CT:

Large 400A CT:

Do we know what the 200A CT's internal burden resistor value is?

I have the same problem.  I moved houses and now my new house uses a breaker bar.  The 750 large CT will not fit.  Are there any other options like use a coil?


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